Page Brockman, The Type 2 Coach, is focused on the education, training, and transformation of type 2 diabetics. He has experienced the devastating affect type 2 diabetes can have on a family, having watched both of his parents struggle with the disease. He’s determined to stop the cycle now.

Once he was personally diagnosed, he created a 7 step program called Tackle Type 2; an easy to follow and strait forward plan set up just like a football game, with pre-game, four quarters, half-time and a post-game, all designed to improve your health and win the game of your life against type 2.

It’s a long game and unlike football, our season last a lifetime, there is no off season, but dedication and experience will ultimately win the game. Our opponent is one of the toughest teams ever, and it’s not fair we have to play them every week, but we do and we have to find a way to win.


The best coaches in the world know every aspect of their opponent. They know every tendency. They study them to understand how they are going to react in any given situation. Then they develop a game plan to counter that reaction. They prepare for any eventuality and never quit adjusting.

Our opponent, type 2, is no different, we need to educate ourselves on diabetes and learn how our bodies and blood sugar will react to the many changes that occur every day. We need to learn how to call an audible, to change the play, when faced with a tough situation. In order to do that to the best of our ability, we need to fully understand Type 2 diabetes.

Pregame for us is all about knowing our opponent. We’ll start planning by asking a several questions: What is Diabetes? What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2? What are the symptoms? What to measure? What are the basic steps to win?


At the start of the game, we have the kickoff followed by the first quarter, a chance for both teams to execute everything they have learned, diabetes has certain tendencies we’ve identified and now is the time to begin our attack.

For the Tackle Type 2 team, the Kickoff and the first quarter are all about the fundamentals of nutrition. We’ll use our diet to begin the game, as much as half of the results you achieve are the result of making a few small and simple changes to your diet. By making a few key decisions we can get out to an early lead in the game.

One of the basic plays, one we should know like the back of our hand, is how to reduce the amount of sugar we actually take in though our diet. In addition to all of the foods and food substitutes that even Captain Obvious can identify as being bad for you, you’d be surprised how much sugar exists in almost everything we consume.


A sedentary lifestyle is one of the top reasons people are pre-diabetic or develop type 2 diabetes. Exercise, or the lack of exercise, plays a critical role in the body’s ability to properly use the insulin being produced to fuel the cells with glucose.

Athletes know that lack of conditioning accounts for more injuries than any other single activity. The reason football players are able to withstand the constant pounding and awkward positions they find themselves in from time to time, is because they have trained their bodies to withstand being blocked, tackled and hit for years. Without training on a regular basis, the constant pounding received in any single game would end most of their careers.

Fortunately, as a Tackle Type 2 Player, the requirements to get in shape are not even close to those required by professional athletes. However, just like the pros, it is important to exercise on a regular basis and make sure your body stays in TT2 shape.


There’s a reason we keep score.

A football game is decided by the final score. But most football games are won or lost based on the adjustments each team makes during halftime. Coaches and players are able to tweak their gameplan and find a new way to attack the defense or stifle the offense.

A careful inventory of which plays worked and which plays failed, why they worked or didn’t, and how to better execute the called play are all discussed. Changes are made and the team takes the field revitalized and ready to win.

Just like football, there are a lot of different numbers that ultimately determine the final score. But instead of touchdowns, extra points, field goals, and safeties, type 2 players count fasting glucose, random glucose, A1C, and triglycerides.


It’s the 3rd Quarter, you have followed all of the rules, you have even lost some weight, you have stayed away from the pecan pie and one day your blood sugar spikes! All because you had to have that pumpkin spice latte, or you didn’t find time to exercise for a couple of days, it doesn’t mean your gameplan is not working.

There are going to be endless situations where you are faced with difficult choices. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and let’s not forget the holidays.

The key is bouncing back, making the lesser of two evils choice, forgiving yourself and moving on. We all still have a life to live.

In a football game, every team faces penalties, there are far more types of penalties than there are ways to score, but each player knows the rules and does their best to play within the set parameters.


Like all of my Tackle Type 2 players, the Type 2 Coach needs to gain perspective and motivation in order to stay focused on the big picture. One of my favorite motivational speakers is Eric Thomas, he has lifted himself up from nothing to being one of the best speakers in the world on improving your health and welfare, like those who have gone before him, Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn, to be specific, he knows there are some attributes you can’t quite put your finger on but you recognize it when you see it.

He sums it up perfectly by saying, “winner’s win, I don’t know how else to say it, winner’s win, they just find a way”

During the 4th Quarter, we are going to find out what it takes for you to develop the mentality of winning the game against type 2 diabetes. We’ll explore your WHY, the reason you are going to push through the bad days, where you can find that last ounce of energy you need to finish the final exercise. You will know how to “just say no” to those things you know are not good for you.


After the TT2 Game Plan has been executed, we’ll review the entire game, make note of lessons learned and how to correct any mistakes or penalties that occurred along the way.

Those who succeed at the highest level are always evaluating their performance and making necessary adjustments. Diabetics are no different, in order to properly combat the disease, we must be constantly vigilant about how our bodies are responding to the foods we eat and the exercise we are getting. We need to understand how everything affects our blood sugar.

Our team, the Tackle Type 2 team, has experience in every aspect of the Type 2 struggle, we understand the lack of motivation, the frustration of losing on occasion, but we also understand the importance of perseverance, the encouragement of a teammates, and the will to get back up when you fall down. Like every good football player, there are going to times when you lose, but we can learn many lessons from each loss and eventually win this game!

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